On the Verg

From as far back as my memory serves me my family has gathered around food for every celebration, holiday, and event. Having too many people crammed into a room to share a delicious meal prepared by my mother, makes up some of the best memories I share with the people who matter most. She had a way of making enough food to feed a small army, with only a four burner stove in a galley style kitchen. Whether it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a simple family BBQ you could count on a buffet of delicacies, each one tastier than the last. Those who know me know that nothing matters more to me than family, and friends. Sitting at the dinner table and sharing a meal with my wife Kristin, and our sons, Tommy, and Sam, or having friends join us for a celebration brings back those memories. My goal for this blog is to share with you the sense of peace that comes from sharing a meal with the ones you love.

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