On The Verg

On The Verg started out as an idea for a restaurant on Long Island while I was in Culinary Arts School in the late 80s. The idea was to have a restaurant serving only Long Island fare. Focused on local ingredients from the surrounding waters, meats, and produce from nearby farms the plan was to sync those unbelievably fresh ingredients with the then blossoming wine industry of the east end of the island.

Leap forward some 30+ years, and I am living in Ellicott City, MD with the love of my life my wife Kristin, and two of the most amazing young men, my sons Tommy, and Sam. My life’s road map has had a few dips and turns since those days in Culinary Arts School, but my love of food has never changed course. Now instead of cooking for a restaurant full of people, I take great joy in cooking for family and friends. The kitchen is smaller, and the electric flat top stove makes it a challenge, but sharing a meal prepared at home with the ones I love has become my happy space.

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